Saturday, April 26, 2008

That's what I'm talkin' about!

Bolivian President Evo Morales' 10 commandments to save the planet, life and humanity

1-Acabar con el sistema capitalista

1-Stopping the capitalist system

2-Renunciar a las guerras

2-Renouncing wars

3-Un mundo sin imperialismo ni colonialismo

3-A world without imperialism or colonialism

4-Derecho al agua

4-Right to water

5-Desarrollo de energías limpias

5-Development of clean energies

6-Respeto a la madre tierra

6-Respect for Mother Earth

7-Servicios básicos como derechos humanos

7-Basic services as human rights

8-Combatir las desigualdades

8-Fighting inequalities

9-Promover la diversidad de culturas y economías

9-Promoting diversity of cultures and economies

10-Vivir bien, no vivir mejor a costa del otro

10-Living well, not living better at the expense of others

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Being the change we want to see in the world

You don't see the ridiculous irony of your video (and your tactics?) against CANSEC? You say out of one side of your mouths that you are against their bombs and their wars while simultaneously saying you want to make war on them and throwing your version of a bomb at them! How are you any different? Because your bombs are smaller and cheaper? Because you don't have the power of the corporate state? Why would any person for peace, love and solidarity look forward to a world in which the new bosses are the same as the old ones? BTW, I'm an anarchist, too, and some of the Black Bloc is becoming its own corporate media caricature. Talk about stepping right into the cops'/propagandists' trap and alienating yourselves from working people.

Who needs to be educated??

Oppression anywhere, resistance everywhere!

Vandals deface peacekeeping monument
Saturday, April 05, 2008

OTTAWA - The curator of Ottawa's peacekeeping monument, defaced with anti-war graffiti this week, says the vandals chose altogether the wrong target.

Sometime Thursday or Friday, the eastern stone wall of the monument facing Sussex Drive was spraypainted with messages apparently [sic] objecting to Canada's involvement in Afghanistan. As of yesterday, the graffiti on the wall still read "Afghan civilians dead," "oppression anywhere resistance everywhere[,]" and included an anarchy symbol.

The monument, however, predates Canada's combat mission in Afghanistan.

"It's a monument to the very act of carrying out Canada's foreign policy by the military[,] and going wherever we're sent to hopefully convince the warring factions to stop fighting and start talking," curator John Gardam said.

"If only these people could be educated as to what the monument really means, then maybe they would show a little more respect."

Friday, April 4, 2008

Industrial war on "odour" and germs

Febreze is everywhere on TV leading the charge against the nasty smell of fish, for example, the man cooking the fish while covering his nose, as if a person would cook and eat something that so disgusted him! It is unconscionable for us to have breaths even hinting of such noxious scents as garlic and onions (racism is at the root of that prejudice, I'm sure) and coffee, one gum commercial showing a "friend" and a co-worker telling the offending party in an utterly scornful and repulsed way that he needs a particular piece of chemical gum to "freshen" his offensive breath the second he speaks from a foot away. And germs, so scary and ubiquitous! There is the Lysol ad with the colourful swarming representations of germs all over the phone before the kid picks it up. We need antiseptic wipes just to take the bus or go grocery shopping. Febreze again must be sprayed and even huffed in the air by the crazily Febreze-dedicated mom. Odours stay locked in soft surfaces, duh, so we hafta spray Febreze all over our furniture, carpets and curtains to magically "remove" those noxious stenches because, of course, the petrochemical industry cares about our environment. We must trust them when they tell us that germs and odours are to be feared and that we need their products. We hafta have disposal toilet brushes and dusters with Febreze, too. Febreze is taking over! And that is normal while worrying about environmental pollution and cancer is only for tree-hugging fruitcakes.