Saturday, May 2, 2009

This week I have swine flu, West Nile, SARS and a raging disgust for the panic-mongering elite all rolled into one

It's "woman," fascists

What's with this new corporate media preference for the word "female" to replace woman/women? (AP/Reuters/UPI/CanWest ad nauseum headlines reading, for example, "Iran hangs female" or "Female soldier killed in Afghanistan.")

I wonder if it comes from cop jargon: a [race] female or [race] male was shot.... Nothing like objectifying us even further/equating us with members of some subordinate species. Oh, yeah, that's right, to the rulers and their apologists we are.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Obamanausea really sweeping over me

A wave of sad and sickening mass dementia is leading these numbed and desperate people, who can't feel the power to change the world already lying in their own hands, to worship corporate-media-created saviours. They are Jim Jones' folks heading for the Koolaid.