Wednesday, June 30, 2010

To the masked G20 protestors

Setting cars on fire so that nasty smoke billows out into the air like the capitalists make, the cars possibly blowing up/shooting off glass hurting people and other animals, throwing things at police, who are human beings, throwing things at horses (Gleneagles and other summits/don't know if happened in TO), trying to hit police with protest banner sticks, etc., etc. is not the "change" I want to see in the world, and, as an anarchist, I, too, am for the replacement of capitalism. Imagine the general populace trying to filter through all this thanks to the police and the corporate media. If we don't do what we do with love in our hearts, we are tools of the status quo, pawns showing up to play our parts at the summit theatre, "justifying" the very repression we oppose. Take the masks off. Go to jail for what you believe. Give good interviews so the people know why you did what you did. With love in your heart.